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Read an Extract from the Poem New Year Resolution the Priest Asked "Son, Any New Resolution this Year" - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

Read an extract from the poem New Year Resolution
The priest asked "Son, any new resolution this year"
I said "Father, driving with the
helmet and in first gear",
"That's good, my son, but have you any more?"
"Sure, there are ten, but I shall keep only four".

The first will be never to wipe
the shoe behind my pant
The second will be to say without hesitation "I can't",
The third is to always keep the toothpaste cap on
It's something which I never did since I was born.
The fourth, never to look at your neighbour's hedge
It's that what has brought the envy and the wedge,
The fifth is easy and you can have a ball
Never take from Peter what you have to pay Paul.
The sixth is to hold my head high even under water
Learn simple things of life from the potter,
He moulds wonders out of his two hands
Leaving impression forever on the sands.
Try and compose a poem conveying your resolutions. Let the first stanza be the
The first will be never to yawn
in public be it noon, dusk or dawn.
The second .................. .

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For self attempt

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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