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Read the Extract Given Below and Answer the Questions the Follow :I Saw My Mother,Beside Me, - English Core

Read the extract given below and answer the questions the follow :

I saw my mother,
beside me,
doze, open mouthed, her face
ashen like that
of a corpse and realized with
that she was as old as she
looked but soon
put that thought away,.......

(a) What worried the poet when she looked at her mother ?
(b) Why was there pain in her realization ?
(c) Why did she put that thought away ?
(d) Identify the figure of speech used in these lines.

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a) The poet was worried about her mother’s advancing age.
b) There was a pain in the poet’s realisation because her mother now looked as old as she was, her bodily infirmities that come with old age were visible on her face and she was fast approaching her death.
c) The poet put that thought away because she would not be able to go through with her plan of travelling away from home if she continued to dwell on her mother’s old age.
d) The figure of speech used is a simile.

Concept: Writing Skill
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