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Read Each Statement Below Carefully and State with Reasons, If It is True Or False the Average Speed of a Particle (Defined as Total Path Length Divided by the Time Taken to Cover the Path) is Either Greater Or Equal to the Magnitude of Average Velocity of the Particle Over the Same Interval of Time - Physics

Read each statement below carefully and state with reasons, if it is true or false: 

the average speed of a particle (defined as total path length divided by the time taken to cover the path) is either greater or equal to the magnitude of average velocity of the particle over the same interval of time


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Solution 1


It is because of the fact that the total path length is always greater than or equal to the magnitude of displacement of a particle.

Solution 2

True, because the total path length is either greater than or equal to the magnitude of the displacement vector.

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 4 Motion in a Plane
Q 5.4 | Page 85
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