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Re-word the line from the story: “We cannot bandage the children’s mouths, so they really have to exercise their will-power.” - English

Answer in Brief

1. Given below is a page from a dictionary. Look at it carefully an
(i) find a word which means the same as ghastly. Write down the word and its two meanings.
(ii) find a word meaning a part of the school year.
(iii) find a word that means examination.

2. Now make lists of

(i) all the words on the page (plus any more that you can think of) that begin with terr-
(ii) five words that may follow the last word on the page, that.

(iii) write down your own meaning of the word thank. Then write down the meaning given in the dictionary.

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(i) terrible –
(a) causing fear.
(b) very bad.

(ii) term –
(a) a fixed length of time.
(b) a part of the school year

(iii) test –
(a) to look at something to see if it is correct.
or will work properly.
(b)to ask someone questions.


(i) terrace, terrible, terrify, territory, terrain

(ii) Those, this, theatre

(iii) The word ‘thank’ means to express gratitude for kindness, gift or service.

Example: There is no need to thank me.
We thanked them for all their help.
She has only herself to thank for what happened.

Concept: Writing
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NCERT English - Honeysuckle Class 6 CBSE
Chapter 5.1 A Different Kind of School
Working with Language | Q 3 | Page 64
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