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Ravi Was Showing a Photograph to His Friend, Gopi. Pointing at a Boy in the Photograph - Logical Reasoning

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Choose the most appropriate option for the following question.

Ravi was showing a photograph to his friend, Gopi. Pointing at a boy in the photograph, Ravi said: ‘The boy sitting at the left is the son of the wife of the only son of the grand­mother of my younger brother’. What is the relation between the boy in the photograph and Ravi?


  • Brothers

  • Ravi’s brother­-in-­law

  • First Cousins

  • Nephew and uncle

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The relation can be analyzed as: 

Ravi's younger brother's grandmother = Ravi's grandmother

Ravi's grandmothers' only son = Ravi's  father 

Ravi's grandmother's only son's wife = Ravi's mother 

So, the boy in the photograph is the son of Ravi's  mother i.e. Ravi and the boy in photograph are siblings  i.e. brothers.


Concept: Blood Relationships (Entrance Exam)
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