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Ranjeetha Walks Around the Circular Park in 15 Minutes If She Walks at the Rate of 5 Km/Hr, How Much Distance Would She Have to Travel, at the Minimum, to Reach the Centre of the Park from Any Point - Mathematics



Ranjeetha walks around the circular park in 15 minutes. If she walks at the rate of 5 km/hr, how much distance would she have to travel, at the minimum, to reach the centre of the park from any point on its perimeter?


  • 100 meter

  • 200 meter

  • 250 meter

  • 300 meter


200 meter


Rajneetha covers around park 2pr in 15 minutes at speed 5 km/hr

Distance covered = S × T

`=5xx15/60xx1000` m

= 1250 m

2πr = 1250 m

r`=(1250xx7)/(2xx22)`= 198.86 ≈ 200 m approx

Concept: Time, Distance and Speed(Entrance Exam)
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