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Rajnikanth Left His Home for Office in Car. He Drove 15 Km Straight Towards North and Then Turned Eastwards and Covered 8 Km. Then, He Turned to the Left and Covered 1 Km. He Again Turned Left and Dro - Logical Reasoning


Rajnikanth left his home for office in car. He drove 15 km straight towards North and then turned Eastwards and covered 8 km. Then, he turned to the left and covered 1 km. He again turned left and drove for 20 km and reached the office. How far and in which direction is his office from the home?


  • 21 km West

  • 15 km North-East

  • 20 km North-West

  • 26 km North-West

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20 km North-West

In ΔAFE, AE = `sqrt(AF^2+EF^2)`
= `sqrt((AB+BF)^2+(ED-FD)^2)`
= `sqrt400= 20`km
So, his office is 20 km in North-West direction.

Concept: Direction Sense Test
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