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Raja Started from Point a and Travelled 8 Km Towards the North to Point B, He Then Turned Right and Travelled 7 Km to Point C, from Point C He Took the First Right and Drove 5 Km to Point D, He Took - Logical Reasoning


Raja started from point A and travelled 8 km towards the North to point B, he then turned right and travelled 7 km to point C, from point C he took the first right and drove 5 km to point D, he took another right and travelled 7 km to point E, and finally turned right and travelled for another 3 km to point F. What is the distance between point F and B?


  • 3 km

  • 2 km

  • 28 km

  • 29 km

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2 km

Distance between point B and point F
= BF = EB - FE
= 5 - 3 = 2 km

Concept: Direction Sense Test
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