Question: Would the Problem of Old Parents Be Solved in Children Are Made Legally Responsible to Take Care of Their Parents in Old Age? - Logical Reasoning

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In this question and two arguments are given. Arguments in relation to the question are either weak or strong, use this key to give your responses.

Question: Would the problem of old parents be solved in children are made legally responsible to take care of their parents in old age?

Argument I: Yes, such problems can be solved only through law.
Argument II: Yes, this will bring relief to old parents.


  • Arguments I is Strong 

  • Arguments II is Strong 

  • Both I and II are Strong 

  • Both I and II are Weak

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Both I and II are Weak


Even if only law can solve a problem then also it is not certain that the problem will be solved (use of necessary condition). Argument II is weak since it doesn’t give any reason. Therefore, "Both I and II are week" is the correct option.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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