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If ABC is an equilateral triangle of side a, prove that its altitude = ` \frac { \sqrt { 3 } }{ 2 } a`


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A guy wire attached to a vertical pole of height 18 m is 24 m long and has a stake attached to the other end. How far from the base of the pole should the stake be driven so that the wire will be taut?

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In a ∆ABC, AD ⊥ BC and AD2 = BC × CD. Prove ∆ABC is a right triangle

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P and Q are the mid-points of the sides CA and CB respectively of a ∆ABC, right angled at C. Prove that:

`(i) 4AQ^2 = 4AC^2 + BC^2`

`(ii) 4BP^2 = 4BC^2 + AC^2`

`(iii) (4AQ^2 + BP^2 ) = 5AB^2`

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In Figure ABD is a triangle right angled at A and AC ⊥ BD. Show that

AC2 = BC × DC

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The diagonal of a rectangular field is 16 metres more than the shorter side. If the longer side is 14 metres more than the shorter side, then find the lengths of the sides of the field.

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