Put a Tick Mark (✓) Against the Correct Alternative in the Following Statement: Which One of the Following Glands is Also Called Master Gland: - Biology


Put a tick mark (✓) against the correct alternative in the following statement:

Which one of the following glands is also called master gland:


  • Pituitary gland

  • Adrenal gland

  • Thyroid gland

  • Ovary



Pituitary gland

Concept: Hormones
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Chapter 5: Endocrine System and Adolescence - Multiple Choice questions [Page 51]


Selina Concise Biology Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 5 Endocrine System and Adolescence
Multiple Choice questions | Q 1.4 | Page 51


A person suffering from diabetes insipidus shows __________.

What is a hormone?

Match the items in Column A with those in Column B. Column A Column B

Column A Column B
(a) Cretinism (i) Pituitary gland
(b) Diabetes mellitus (ii) Under the development of infant
(c) Increased metabolic rate (iii) Oversecretion of thyroxine
(d) Simple goitre (iv) Insufficient iodine in food
(e) Growth hormone (v) Insufficient insulin in the blood.

Multiple choice question. Tick (✓) the correct choice:

Master endocrine gland

  1. thyroid
  2. pituitary
  3. pancreas
  4. adrenal

Fill in the blank:

The hormone insulin is secreted by ____________.

State whether the following statement is true (T) or false (F):

For hormones to be effective in their actions, they are required in sufficiently large quantities.

State whether the following statement is true (T) or false (F):

The adrenal gland helps the body to fight stress.


Name the following:

Master gland in human body.

Describe two characteristic features of hormones.

What causes diabetes?

What happens when the thyroid gland secretes less hormone?

Membrane bound receptors and hormones produce second messengers like _________.

Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given.

Which of the following hormones is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level in the human body? 

Give one role of hormone therapy.

Match Column I with Columns II and III.

Column I Column II Column III
Auxin Gibberella fujikuroi Abscission
Ethylene Coconut milk Intermodal elongation
Abscisic acid Coleoptile tip Apical dominance
Cytokinin Chloroplast Ripening
Gibberellins Fruits Cell division

Match the following hormones with their deficiency states.

Hormones - Disorders
a) Thyroxine - Acromegaly
b) Insulin - Tetany
c) Parathormone - Simple goitre
d) Growth hormone - Diabetes insipidus
e) ADH - Diabetes mellitus

What are chemical messengers?

Susan’s father feels very tired and frequently urinates. After clinical diagnosis, he was advised to take an injection daily to maintain his blood glucose level. What would be the possible cause for this? Suggest preventive measures.

The function of stress-related hormone viz. abscisic acid is to ______

Identify the secondary messenger(s).

Hypertension is developed due to several factors EXCEPT ____________.

Insulin, a hormone chemically is ___________.

Give two differences between Hormones and vitamins.

What are hormones? Give examples.

Name the hormone secreted by Pars intermedia in lower vertebrates.

Iodine is necessary for the synthesis of which hormone?

Choose the incorrect statement about insulin.

When a person is suffering from severe cold, he or she cannot

Which statement is not true about thyroxin?

Match the terms of Column (A) with those of Column (B)

Column (A) Column (B)
(a) Olfactory receptors (i) Tongue
(b) Thermo receptors (temperature receptors) (ii) Eye
(c) Gustatoreceptors (iii) Nose
(d) Photoreceptors (iv) Skin

Which hormone is responsible for the changes noticed in females at puberty?

Blood sugar level rises due to deficiency of which hormone?

Iodine is necessary for the synthesis of which hormone?

Mention one function for each of these hormones :

  1. Thyroxin
  2. Insulin
  3. Adrenaline
  4. Growth hormone
  5. Testosterone

What are hormones?

Give the full form of the following abbreviation:


Which of the following proteins acts as a messenger in living system?

State properties of hormones.

Explain mechanism of hormone action through membrane receptor.

With the help of an example, explain how does the feedback mechanism regulate the hormone secretion.

Classify the following to form Column B as per the category given m Column A:

Hormones: Estrogen, Glucagon, Epinephrine, Relaxin, Somatostatin, NorAdrenalin

  Column A Column B
(1) Ovary ______
(2) Pancreas ______
(3) Adrenal medulla ______

Cushing's syndrome is developed due to ______.

Write the Zwitter ion structure of alanine.


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