Punctuate the following. no there isnt anyone like that she said whats that said kamal kishore - English (Second/Third Language)

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Punctuate the following.

  1. no there isnt anyone like that she said
  2. whats that said kamal kishore


  1. “No! there isn’t anyone like that,” she said.
  2. “What’s that?” said Kamal Kishore.
Concept: Punctuation
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Chapter 1: Section 1: Language Study - English Activity Set 2


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC English Third Language Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Section 1: Language Study
English Activity Set 2 | Q 1. (A) 3.


Punctuate the following sentence.
i made some money yesterday he explained

You know that we can combine sentences using words like and, or, but, yet and then. But sometimes no such word seems appropriate. In such a case was can use a semicolon (;) or a dash (−) to combine two clauses.

She has no interest in music; I doubt she will become a singer like her mother.

The second clause here gives the speaker’s opinion on the first clause.

Here is a sentence from the text that uses semicolons to combine clauses. Break up the sentence into three simple sentences. Can you then say which has a better rhythm when you read it, the single sentence using semicolons, or the three simple sentences?

For there is not any means by which those who have been born can avoid dying; after reaching old age there is death; of such a nature are living beings.

Punctuate the passage given below :

what exactly is waste waste is anything discarded, rejected, or otherwise released into the environment in a manner that could have an impact on that environment how can we help we can help by practicing the three rs of waste management reduce reuse and recycle it has been estimated that every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees 7000 gallons of water 4100 kilowatt hour of energy and three cubic yards of landfill space how does reduce and reuse help reducing consumption is decreasing waste whereas the reuse of products such as recyclable plastics prevents the need for excess production of these exact same plastics hence the emission released from factories is lessened recycled products also take less energy to produce

Punctuate the passage given below using capital letters wherever necessary.

on a spring evening some years ago while living in mumbai i decided to take in a musical where i heard lakshya kumar sing for the first time i was enthralled i believed i had discovered the next kishore kumar yet disappointed by the sparse audience i decided to write an article to help promote him struggling to contain my excitement the next day i phoned the theatre where he was performing and unabashedly acted like a professional writer may I speak with lakshya kumar please just one moment replied the person at the other end hello this is lakshya kumar answered a deep voice at the other end who is speaking my trembling hands dropped the receiver and I seemed to have lost my voice I heard the phone being disconnected at the other end what an end to my grand plans.

Punctuate the following sentence:

did you hear him he whispered

Notice the use or non-use of the comma in the following sentences.

1. When I first visited Gandhi in 1942 at his ashram in Sevagram, he told me what happened in Champaran.

2. He had not proceeded far when the police superintendent’s messenger overtook him.

3. When the court reconvened, the judge said he would not deliver the judgment for several days. 

Punctuate the following sentence to make them meaningful.

dinesh took a bus that stopped at Nanded railway station after crossing somvar peth.

Punctuate the following sentence to make them meaningful.

nouns are of different types of common proper abstract concrete material.

Punctuate the following sentence to make them meaningful.

wow, how lovely that cake looks they said we can't wait to eat it.

Copy the first paragraph on page 92 in your notebook, carefully. Encircle all the punctuation marks with a coloured pencil/pen.

“Dear children ________________ ‘amen’.

Punctuate the following sentence.

did you give any guru Dakshina to your guru i asked

Punctuate the following sentence.

no there isnt anyone like that she said.

Punctuate the given sentence-
are you still hungry I asked faintly

Punctuate the following sentence:

after all he doesnt pay me

Punctuate the following sentences:

  1. lets go for a walk she said
  2. is that so said mrs srivastava

Take note also that the apostrophe is not used for indicating the possessive form: loves philosophy.

Punctuate the following sentence.

ravi do not touch the glass cried the mother

Punctuate the following sentence:

Bravo we won the match.

Punctuate the following sentence:

she said I am doing my bit

Punctuate the following sentence:

then stay with me tonight she said

Punctuate the following sentence:

well i wish you luck said sitaram

Punctuate the following sentence:

whats your name little one asked the teacher

Punctuate the following sentence:

she cried are you crazy

Punctuate the following sentence:

the teacher said lets start todays lesson


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