Prove Theoretically the Relation Between E.M.F. Induced in a Coil and Rate of Change of Magnetic Flux in Electromagnetic Induction. - Physics

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Prove theoretically the relation between e.m.f. induced in a coil and rate of change of magnetic flux in electromagnetic induction.




Magnetic flux Φ = NABcos ωt

N → No.s of turns

A → Area of a coil

B → Magnetic field {external}

ω → Angular speed of the coil

`:. max phi_0 = NAB, omegat -> 0`

`:.phi = phi_0 cos omegat`

induce EMF(e)

e = `-(dphi)/(dt) = + omegaNAB sin omegat`

`e_0 = omegaNAB, omegat -> 90`

`:. e = e_0 sin omegat`

So there is phase difference of `pi/2` with `phi` and e

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An alternating emf of 220 V is applied to a circuit containing a resistor R having the resistance of 160Ω and a capacitor ‘C’ is series. The current is found to lead the supply voltage by an angle

`θ = tan^(-1) ("3/4")`

a) Calculate

1) The capacitive reactance

2) The impedance of the circuit

3) Current flowing in the circuit

b) If the frequency of the applied emf is 50 Hz, what is the value of the capacitance of the capacitor ‘C’?

An A.C. generator generating an emf of ε = 300 sin (100 πt) V is connected to a series combination of 16μ F capacitor, 1 H inductor and 100 Ω resistor.

Calculate :

1) An impedance of the circuit at the given frequency.

2) Resonant frequency `f_0`

3)Power factor at the resonant frequency `f_0`.

Define the quality factor in an a.c. circuit. Why should the quality factor have high value in receiving circuits? Name the factors on which it depends.

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Transformers are used ______.

An AC source rated 100 V (rms) supplies a current of 10 A (rms) to a circuit. The average power delivered by the source
(a) must be 1000 W
(b) may be 1000 W
(c) may be greater than 1000 W
(d) may be less than 1000 W

The current in a discharging LR circuit is given by i = i0 et , where τ is the time constant of the circuit. Calculate the rms current for the period = 0 to t = τ.

A coil has a resistance of 10 Ω and an inductance of 0.4 henry. It is connected to an AC source of 6.5 V, `30/pi Hz`. Find the average power consumed in the circuit.

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In a series LCR circuit with an AC source, R = 300 Ω, C = 20 μF, L = 1.0 henry, εrms = 50 V and ν = 50/π Hz. Find (a) the rms current in the circuit and (b) the rms potential difference across the capacitor, the resistor and the inductor. Note that the sum of the rms potential differences across the three elements is greater than the rms voltage of the source.

Consider the situation of the previous problem. Find the average electric field energy stored in the capacitor and the average magnetic field energy stored in the coil.

What is the value of power factor for a pure resistor connected to an alternating current source ? 

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Power factor of the A. C. circuit varies between ______.

The power factor of series LCR circuit when at resistance is

The average power dissipation in a pure capacitor in A.C circuit is

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The power factor of an a.c circuit having resistance R and inductance L Connected in series to an a.c source of angular frequency co is.

The series combination of R, L, C is connected to an a.c. source. If the resistance is 3 and the reactance is 4, the power factor of the circuit is:

In an AC. circuit, the current is :

i = `5 sin (100t - pi/2)` amp.

and the a.c. potentiol is:

V = 200 sin (100t) volt.

Then the power consumption is

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In the series LCR circuit, the power dissipation is through ______

The coefficient of induction of a choke coil is 0.1 H and resistance is 12 Ω. If it is connected to an a.c source of frequency 60Hz. Then the power factor will be ______.


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