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Define the Following Terms as Related to Proteins: Denaturation - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Chemistry

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Define the following terms as related to proteins:


Solution 1


It is a process in which proteins get easily precipitated and the change is irreversible.

Solution 2

Denaturation: In a biological system, a protein is found to have a unique 3-dimensional structure and a unique biological activity. In such a situation, the protein is called native protein. However, when the native protein is subjected to physical changes such as change in temperature or chemical changes such as change in pH, its H-bonds are disturbed. This disturbance unfolds the globules and uncoils the helix. As a result, the protein loses its biological activity. This loss of biological activity by the protein is called denaturation. During denaturation, the secondary and the tertiary structures of the protein get destroyed, but the primary structure remains unaltered.

One of the examples of denaturation of proteins is the coagulation of egg white when an egg is boiled.

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Solution Define the Following Terms as Related to Proteins: Denaturation Concept: Proteins - Denaturation of Proteins.
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