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Propanal and Pentan-3-one Are the Ozonolysis Products of an Alkene? What is the Structural Formula of the Alkene? - Chemistry

Propanal and pentan-3-one are the ozonolysis products of an alkene? What is the structural formula of the alkene?

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Solution 1

As per the given information, propanal and pentan-3-one are the ozonolysis products of an alkene. Let the given alkene be ‘A’. Writing the reverse of the ozonolysis reaction, we get:

The products are obtained on the cleavage of ozonide ‘X’. Hence, ‘X’ contains both products in the cyclic form. The possible structure of ozonide can be represented as:

Now, ‘X’ is an addition product of alkene ‘A’ with ozone. Therefore, the possible structure of alkene ‘A’ is:

Solution 2

i) Write the structures of propanal and pentan-3-ene with their oxygen atoms facing each other, we have,

ii)Remove oxygen atoms and join the two fragments by a double bond, the structure of the alkene is

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 13 Hydrocarbons
Q 7 | Page 397
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