Solution - Problems Based on Areas and Perimeter Or Circumference of Circle, Sector and Segment of a Circle



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ConceptProblems Based on Areas and Perimeter Or Circumference of Circle, Sector and Segment of a Circle  


In Fig. 4, O is the centre of a circle such that diameter AB = 13 cm and AC = 12 cm. BC is joined. Find the area of the shaded region. (Take π = 3.14)


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In Fig. 7, are shown two arcs PAQ and PBQ. Arc PAQ is a part of circle with centre O and radius OP while arc PBQ is a semi-circle drawn on PQ ad diameter with centre M. If OP = PQ = 10 cm show that area of shaded region is `25(sqrt3-pi/6)cm^2`.

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In Figure 3, two concentric circles with centre 0, have radii 21cm and 42 em. If ∠ AOB = 60°, find the area of the shaded region. [use π=22/7]

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In figure, ΔABC is an isosceles triangle with perimeter 44 cm. The base BC is of length 12 cm. Side AB and side AC are congruent. A circle touches the three sides as shown in the figure below. Find the length of the tangent segment from A to the circle.

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