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1) A lot of 20 bulbs contain 4 defective ones. One bulb is drawn at random from the lot. What is the probability that this bulb is defective?

2) Suppose the bulb drawn in (1) is not defective and is not replaced. Now one bulb is drawn at random from the rest. What is the probability that this bulb is not defective?


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Two customers Shyam and Ekta are visiting a particular shop in the same week (Tuesday to Saturday). Each is equally likely to visit the shop on any day as on another day. What is the probability that both will visit the shop on

(i) the same day? (ii) consecutive days? (iii) different days?

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A box contains 5 red marbles, 8 white marbles and 4 green marbles. One marble is taken out of the box at random. What is the probability that the marble taken out will be (i) red? (ii) white? (iii) not green?

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A lot consists of 144 ball pens of which 20 are defective and the others are good. Nuri will buy a pen if it is good, but will not buy if it is defective. The shopkeeper draws one pen at random and gives it to her. What is the probability that

(i) She will buy it?

(ii) She will not buy it?

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If P(E) = 0.05, what is the probability of ‘not E’?

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Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event?

(A) 2/3

(B) –1.5

(C) 15%

(D) 0.7

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