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A bag contains lemon flavoured candies only. Malini takes out one candy without looking into the bag. What is the probability that she takes out

(1) an orange flavoured candy?

(2) a lemon flavoured candy?


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It is given that in a group of 3 students, the probability of 2 students not having the same birthday is 0.992. What is the probability that the 2 students have the same birthday?

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If P(E) = 0.05, what is the probability of ‘not E’?

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A piggy bank contains hundred 50 p coins, fifty Rs 1 coins, twenty Rs 2 coins and ten Rs 5 coins. If it is equally likely that one of the coins will fall out when the bank is turned upside down, what is the probability that the coin

(i) Will be a 50 p coin?

(ii) Will not be a Rs.5 coin?

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A bag contains 3 red balls and 5 black balls. A ball is drawn at random from the bag. What is the probability that the ball drawn is (i) red? (ii) not red?

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Complete the following statements:

The probability of an event that cannot happen is _________. Such as event is called _________.

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Solution for concept: Probability - A Theoretical Approach. For the course 8th-10th CBSE