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A and B throw a pair of dice alternately, till one of them gets a total of 10 and wins the game. Find their respective probabilities of winning, if A starts first


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An experiment succeeds thrice as often as it fails. Find the probability that in the next five trials, there will be at least 3 successes.

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A and B throw a die alternatively till one of them gets a number greater than four and wins the game. If A starts the game, what is the probability of B winning?

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In a set of 10 coins, 2 coins are with heads on both the sides. A coin is selected at random from this set and tossed five times. If all the five times, the result was heads, find the probability that the selected coin had heads on both the sides.

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How many times must a fair coin be tossed so that the probability of getting at least one head is more than 80%?

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A bag A contains 4 black and 6 red balls and bag B contains 7 black and 3 red balls. A die is thrown. If 1 or 2 appears on it, then bag A is chosen, otherwise bag B, If two balls are drawn at random (without replacement) from the selected bag, find the probability of one of them being red and another black.

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Solution for concept: Probability Examples and Solutions. For the courses 12th CBSE (Arts), 12th CBSE (Commerce), 12th CBSE (Science)