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Prior to a Sports Event Blood and Urine Samples of Sports-persons Are Collected for Drug Tests. - Biology

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Prior to a sports event blood & urine samples of sports-persons are collected for drug tests.
(a) Why is there a need to conduct such tests?
(b) Name the drugs the authorities usually look for.
(c) Write the generic names of two plants from which these drugs are obtained. 

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(a) Some sportspersons resort to unfair practices to enhance their performance. Drug abuse often gives them a shortcut to success. Therefore, it has become necessary to conduct a dope test (test for drugs or their derivatives in blood and urine) prior to any sports event to ensure fair play.

(b) The authorities should look for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) like gonadotropins, erythropoeitin and human chorionic gonadotropin​ (hCG) in the dope test. Opiate-like drugs, e.g. Vicodin, Percocet or OxyContin, and cannabinoids are also misused by sportspersons these days.

(c) Generic names of the plants from which drugs are obtained are as follows:​      

  1. Papaver somniferum
  2. Cannabis sativa
  3. Erythroxylum coca

(Disclaimer: Any two generic names of the plants can be given.)

Concept: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - Adolescence - Drug and Alcohol Abuse
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