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Principles of Taylor and Fayol Are Mutually Complementary. One Believed that the Management Should Scientifically Select the Person and the Work Assigned Should Suit His/Her Physical and Intellectual Capabilities, While the Other Suggested that the Work Can Be Performed More Efficiently If Divided into Specialised Tasks. Identify and Explain the Principles of Fayol and Taylor Referred to in the Above Para. - Business Studies

Principles of Taylor and Fayol are mutually complementary. One believed that the management should scientifically select the person and the work assigned should suit his/her physical and intellectual capabilities, while the other suggested that the work can be performed more efficiently if divided into specialised tasks. Identify and explain the principles of Fayol and Taylor referred to in the above para.

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Two principles which are mentioned in the paragraph:

1) Development of each and every person to his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity:

According to Taylor, the overall efficiency and productivity in an organisation depend on the competency of individual employees. Accordingly, to improve the overall productivity and efficiency, the working capabilities of employees must be improved. If the efficiency of workers improves, then they will be able to increase their contribution to the organisation's development. They should initiate new ways and incentives to develop their competitiveness. They should be assigned work according to their mental/physical qualities. For this, they must be given proper training and education.

2) Division of work:
Work should be divided into small parts to ensure that execution occurs competently. A particular unit of work is assigned to an individual based on ability because he or she may not be comfortable to execute the entire process. So, when an individual works continuously on a particular task, he will become specialised in that task. Therefore, he will become an expert in the routine work assigned by the superior.

Concept: Fayol’s Principles of Management
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