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Principles of Taylor and Fayol Are Mutually Complementary. Identify and Explain the Principles of Fayol and Taylor Referred to in the Above Para. - Business Studies

Principles of Taylor and Fayol are mutually complementary. One believed that the management should share the gains with the workers, while the other suggested that employees compensation should depend on the earning capacity of the company and should give them a reasonable standard of living.

Identify and explain the principles of Fayol and Taylor referred to in the above para.

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Two principles which are mentioned in the paragraph:

Harmony, not Discord: Taylor emphasised that managers and workers should maintain a harmonious work environment. They should realise their interdependence and work in amity. He was well acquainted with the fact that a friendly working environment will help in developing relations between them. He introduced this principle to maintain a peaceful kinship between people. When workers are deprived of their wishes or demands, they generally go on strike. This affects the productivity and the working environment. To dismiss such a situation, Taylor was ardent about a mental revolution. It implies a change in the thinking of both workers and managers. For example, if a worker is having a problem with the working hours, he should talk to the manager about it, instead of letting it affect production by going on a strike.
Similarly, managers should listen to the worker's suggestions and demands rather than ignoring them.

2) 'Remuneration of Employees' by Fayol: Fayol emphasised that the compensation provided to employees should be fair and just. Remuneration is determined based on the work they performed for the organisation and should be sufficient for leading a standard life. If the remuneration is adequate, then it will boost and encourage employees to contribute the best to the organisation. While if the remuneration is not adequate, then it will not give immense pleasure and satisfaction to work and employees tend to leave the organisation. Here, an organisation will have an increase in employee turnover. Therefore, the organisation should maintain harmony by providing fair remuneration to employees and also the remuneration is given by considering the capability of the organisation.

Concept: Principles of Taylor’s Scientific Management
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