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Principles: (I) Neighbour Principle - a Person is Liable If He Harms His Neighbour. a Neighbour is One Whose Action Affects Another. - Logical Reasoning


A principle/principles and a fact situation are given in questions. Decide only on the basis of the principle (s).


(i) Neighbour principle - A person is liable if he harms his neighbour. A neighbour is one whose action affects another.

(ii) One is liable only for contractual relations.


X manufacturers a food item and sells his food item to Y, a whole seller. Y appoints Z, a retailer to retail these items. Z sells the food item to a consumer who after eating them falls III. X is liable to the consumer because


  • of contractual relations

  • of the Food Adulteration Act

  • the consumer is the neighbour of X

  • of the consumer protection law

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of contractual relations


"of contractual relation" is correct on the basis of the principle(s).

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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