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Principle: Whoever Takes Away Any Moveable Thing from the Land of Any Person Without that Person‘S Consent is Said to Commit Theft. Facts: During His Visit to the Home of C, a Asks B, - Legal Reasoning



Principle: Whoever takes away any moveable thing from the land of any person without that person‘s consent is said to commit theft.  

Facts:  During his visit to the home of C, A asks B, the son of C, to accompany A to a forest. Neither A nor B informs C in this regard. B accompanies A to the forest.   


  • A has committed theft.   

  • A has not committed theft. 

  • A has committed theft as soon as he entered the home of C. 

  • A has not committed theft till B did not accompany him. 


A has not committed theft. 


A has not committed theft. According to the principle, someone commits theft only when they take away something moveable from the property of another person.  B, the son of C is a living being, not a thing (or lifeless object).

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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