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Principle: Whoever Does Any Act So Rashly Or Negligently as to Endanger Human Life Or the Personal Safety of Others is Said to Have Committed an Offense. - Legal Reasoning


The question contains some basic principles and fact situations in which these basic principles have to be applied. You have to select the best option.

Principle: Whoever does any act so rashly or negligently as to endanger human life or the personal safety of others is said to have committed an offense.

Facts: Mr. Mangeskar owns a Yamaha motorcycle which has very good pick up and speed. He is studying in the IV semester of Mechanical Engineering degree course. One day it was getting late for college as he woke up late in the morning. He got ready and was rushing to college so that he would not miss the class. He was riding the motor cycle at a speed of 140 km per hour in Bangalore city which was crowded. He was very good in riding the motorcycle. People who were using the road got annoyed/ scared with the way Mr. Mangeskar was riding the motorcycle.


  • Mr. Mangeskar has committed an act of rash and negligent driving

  • Mr. Mangeskar is very good in driving, so there is no need for others to be panicky about his driving

  • Mr. Mangeskar is very studious student and he does not want to miss any class in the College

  • None of the above

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Mr. Mangeskar has committed an act of rash and negligent driving


The fact that Mangeshkar was driving at 140 km/hr in  Bangalore which is crowded and secondly his act scared the people using the road makes the act rash and negligent. 

Concept: Indian Penal Code (Entrance Exams)
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