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Principle: Whoever by Words Publishes Any Imputation Concerning Any Person is Said to Defame that Person. Facts: During a Marriage Ceremony, a Circulated a Pamphlet Saying the - Legal Reasoning



Principle: Whoever by words publishes any imputation concerning any person is said to defame that person.

Facts: During a marriage ceremony, A circulated a pamphlet saying the sister of the bride 'S‘ is a thief, she has stolen the shoes of the bridegroom. 


  • A defamed S

  • A did not defame S 

  • A defamed the bridegroom 

  • A defamed the bride 


A defamed S


defamed S. This is evident from the principle stated.  A circulated a pamphlet which means A by words published. The imputation that the sister of bride S was a thief. Therefore, A has defamed S.

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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