Principle Vis Major Or an Act of God Entails a Sudden Manoeuvre by Elements of Nature Over Which We Have No Control. - Legal Reasoning


PRINCIPLE Vis major or an act of God entails a sudden manoeuvre by elements of nature over which we have no control.

FACTS In a bus accident where the driver died of a sudden cardiac arrest, the legal heirs of the deceased brought a suit against the bus company for not making the driver undergo the mandatory health and fitness test before giving employment. The bus company claims a defence of 'vis major'. The defence of vis major in this case shall


  • sustain as death is an act of nature

  • not sustain as the act may have been preventable

  • sustain as a general fitness test does not guarantee to detect a possible cardiac arrest

  • not sustain as the defence of inevitable accident shall be applicable



not sustain as the act may have been preventable

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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