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Principle: Property Consists of a Right to Possess, Right to Use, Right to Alienate and Right to Exclude Others. a Sale is Complete When the Property Gets Transferred from the Seller to the Buyer. - Legal Reasoning



Principle: Property consists of a right to possess, right to use, right to alienate and right to exclude others. A sale is complete when the property gets transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Facts:  'A‘ sold his car to 'B‘ B requested A to keep the car in his care on behalf B for one month. A agreed. 


  • The sale of the complete. 

  • The sale of a car is not complete. 

  • The sale will be completed when B keeps the car in his own care. 

  • The sale will be automatically completed after the expiry of one month. 


The sale of car is complete.

Concept: Indian Constitution (Entrance Exams)
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