Principle: Causing an Effect Partly by an Act and Partly by an Omission is an Offence. Facts: A Did Not Provide Any Food to His Daughter D. He Also Confined D in a Room. Consequently, D Died. - Legal Reasoning


Principle: Causing an effect partly by an act and partly by an omission is an offense.  

Facts: A did not provide any food to his daughter D. He also confined D in a room. Consequently, D died. 


  • A committed the offence of not providing food to D. 

  • A committed the offence of confining D. 

  • A committed the offence of killing D. 

  • A committed no offence.



A committed the offense of killing D. 


A committed the offence of killing D. Death is an effect and in this case, this effect is caused partly by an omission (of not giving food to D) and partly by an act  (confining D in a room). Therefore, A committed the offence of killing his daughter D.

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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