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Principle: an Employer is Liable for an Injury Caused by an Employee in the Course of Employment. Facts: 'A‘ and 'B‘ Were Working in a Factory as Unskilled Laborers. - Legal Reasoning

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Principle: An employer is liable for an injury caused by an employee in the course of employment. 

Facts:  'A‘ and 'B‘ were working in a factory as unskilled laborers. A was carrying a basket of stones on his head. B was sitting on the ground. When A crossed B, all of a sudden a stone fell down from the basket and hit B on his head. B died instantaneously.


  • The employer will be liable 

  • The employer will not be liable  

  • A will be liable 

  • Both employer and A will be liable 

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The employer will be liable 


In this case, the employer is liable for the injury caused.  It does not matter whether or not he is at fault or whether he is the direct cause of injury. Even if the injury is caused to an employee due to the negligence of another employee, the employer is liable because the principle clearly states so. The principle says, “An employer  is liable for an injury caused to an employee in the  course of the employment.”

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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