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A study was conducted to find out the concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air in parts per million (ppm) of a certain city. The data obtained for 30 days is as follows:-

(i) Make a grouped frequency distribution table for this data with class intervals as 0.00 - 0.04, 0.04 - 0.08, and so on.

(ii) For how many days, was the concentration of sulphur dioxide more than 0.11 parts per million?


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Three coins were tossed 30 times simultaneously. Each time the number of heads occurring was noted down as follows:-


Prepare a frequency distribution table for the data given above.

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Thirty children were asked about the number of hours they watched TV programmes in the previous week. The results were found as follows:-


(i) Make a grouped frequency distribution table for this data, taking class width 5 and one of the class intervals as 5 - 10.

(ii) How many children watched television for 15 or more hours a week?

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A company manufactures car batteries of a particular type. The lives (in years) of 40 such batteries were recorded as follows:-

Construct a grouped frequency distribution table for this data, using class intervals of size 0.5 starting from the intervals 2 − 2.5.

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The blood groups of 30 students of Class VIII are recorded as follows:-

A, B, O, O, AB, O, A, O, B, A, O, B, A, O, O, A, AB, O, A, A, O, O, AB, B, A, O, B, A, B, O.

Represent this data in the form of a frequency distribution table. Which is the most common, and which is the rarest, blood group among these students?

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The value of π up to50 decimal places is given below:-


(i) Make a frequency distribution of the digits from 0 to 9 after the decimal point.

(ii) What are the most and the least frequently occurring digits?

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Solution for concept: Presentation of Data. For the course 8th-10th CBSE