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Present Continuous
Look around your classroom and observe the activities in your school in this
period. Describe what you, your teacher or class are doing in the form of a
e.g. The Blue House is practising its songs for the competition. I can hear the band
which is playing patriotic tunes, in the playground.



The Tagore House is rehearsing a skit for the school’s Annual Day Function. I am taking a part in it. It is about the impact of Global Warming. Our teacher is directing it. I am hearing also the background music. At present, he is giving directions for acquiring appropriate facial expressions by the characters. These characters are actually various objects of nature, viz. sun, moon, earth, vegetation, food, human beings, wild animals etc. The rest of the class is witnessing the rehearsal. The teacher is asking some students who are not taking part in it about their reaction to the acting.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 4 | Page 4


Following dates were important in Charles Hooper’s life in some way. Complete the table by relating the description with the correct dates:

Date Description
  News spread that Hooper and Duke had made it to an intersection
  Hooper walked independently from the clinic to the branch office
  Hooper planned to start a full day’s work at office
  Duke met with a fatal accident

Answer the following question briefly:

Did Private Quelch’s day to day practices take him closer towards his goal? How can you make out?

Answer the following question:

What was strange about the manner in which Mrs. Bramble addressed her son? What did he feel about it?

Answer the following questions:

Bicker’ means ‘to quarrel’. Why does the poet use this word here?

Answer the following question briefly.

Describe the two roads that the poet comes across.

On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following question
by ticking the correct choice.

The seven roles that a man plays correspond to his __

On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following question
by ticking the correct choice.

The speaker says that she has paved the way for cavities and decay by __________.

The Indian Rhinoceros: Where are they? Do they have a future? 
We are very materialistic and are often lured into buying and using clothes and articles made from animal skin and other organs. 
Here's a shopping list ....... . 

The list seems endless, doesn't it? Are these things not shameful enough to set us pondering deeply over the harm that we are inflicting on nature's creations? 
1. Why is the list 'most shameful'? 
2. What is the name of the organisation that has been formed to protect and conserve wildlife? 
3. Name at least ten other animals that are being exploited by man for commercial purposes. Surf the net to get your information and complete the following table

Animal Part of the body used Product

As children of the world, you have a role in helping to solve the problems prevalent in society. In groups or four, prepare a short skit on any one problem and present it in front of the class. 

Given below is some information about Jesse Owens, one of the most famous athletes of all times. His friend is planning to write his biography. Using information from the table, complete the biography. (The first gap has been completed for you, as an example.) 

James Cleveland Owens (J.C. Owens) became famous as Jesse Owens 

1913 Birth, Alabama, USA. 
1934 After First World War - goes to school, teachers recognise and develop his athletic talents. 
1935 Six world records 
1936 Berlin Olympics, four gold medals 
1950 Sports experts vote him Greatest Track Athlete of the half Century. 
1960 Another athlete breaks Owens' last Olympic record .
1980 Dies oflung cancer. 

Jesse Owens was born in Alabama USA, in 1913. He was the youngest often children, and the family lived in a cramped shanty house. After the First World War, the family moved to Cleveland, where his school (1)__________ his talents. He quickly became a local hero. Soon afterwards he gained a place not only at the Ohio State University, but also in the US Olympics team. 
On 25th May 1935, Jesse Owens performed athletics' greatest feat when he (2) _________ at the Ohio state University Athletics Championships. A year later, at the Berlin Olympics, his greatness was confirmed; he (3) __________ for 100m, 200m, long jump and sprint relay. 
Because of his achievements in track and field events, in 1950 he (4) _______ .His last Olympic record (5) ___________ only in 1960. This great athlete (6) ______________ 1980. 


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