Prepare a Speech on 'Father'S Day' with the Help of the Following Points - English

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Answer in Brief

Prepare a speech on 'Father's Day' with the help of the following
points :
(1) Man of practical attitude.
(2) Thinker of the future.
(3) Pillar of family.
(4) Greatest family support.

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Good morning to all present here, I would like to take an opportunity to share my views and feelings towards my beloved father who has always been a strong moral and physical support of my life. Because of his practicality, I have always been able to take wise decisions during confusing situations.
Due to my father’s future thinking and a focused attitude, I was able to select the correct path of life and develop my career. My father has always stood by me as a guide, philosopher and pillar during my tough times as he always believes that strong support leads to achievements and enhances positivity in life. I always believed the word family, creates an atmosphere of unity, support, and equality but my father made me understand the most important part which is love which comes from within and he always kept my expectations ahead without thinking about himself which is a sacrifice not all can go ahead with and I consider him as the greatest family support, due to his never-ending love and passion for making me who I am.
Thank you.
Concept: Speech Writing
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2016-2017 (March) Set B

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