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Prepare a Road Show to Sensitize People Towards the Responsibility of Being Good Hosts in Order to Ensure that India Becomes a Safe and Preferred Destination for Foreign Tourists. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Prepare a Road Show to sensitize people towards the responsibility of being good hosts in order to ensure that India becomes a safe and preferred destination for foreign tourists. Your road show must include a talk, jingles, street play etc. Prepare banners, backdrop and posters to create a suitable effect. For this activity divide your class into five groups.

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(i) You should prepare a talk on the basis of the representation entitled Ecotourism. You can add more points from your own reading of the text and by learning from . internet. Think about these on your own too.

Ladies and Gentlemen

This road show is our attempt to create an awareness about the tourism. Many persons in our country are unaware of its need and benefits Perhaps, you know that each year lakhs of Indians go out for tours of different type and size. Thus a lot of money goes into foreign hands. On the other hand. the number of tourists who visit our country is very small Thus we are losing the valuable foreign exchange which can work wonders to our developing economy.

To get it  back. we have to make an effort. This road show is being organized to give you an idea of what we  should do in this direction.

(ii)  Jingles are to be brought from the market. They are to be used in your road-show when there is a change of scene. They will also be used when the tone of your play changes.

(iii) Prepare banners with various slogans. For example.

(iv) Posters are like big banners . Look at the examples below . 

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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