Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the Counter-View Section on the following topic in about 120 words: ''Can the use of Internet enhance students' learning?'' You can - English

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Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the Counter-View Section on the following topic in about 120 words:
''Can the use of Internet enhance students' learning?''
You can take the help of the following points from the View Section.

View Section
  • It's easier to find all the information.
  • It makes learning interesting.
  • It provides easy access to resource material.
  • It gives various explanations I viewpoints about any topic.
  • It gives the latest updated knowledge.


Advantages of the use of the Internet to Enhance Students' Learning
Internet helps students to find out all the possible information easily at one go such as finding similar or opposite words in the form of Synonyms or Antonyms. Internet helps creative learning where a student tries to learn and understand the information independently which helps in boosting self-confidence and interesting learning. Internet helps in quicker accessing of information which helps in solving problems much quicker without waiting for someone to actually teach you. With the internet there’s something that has started which is known as virtual learning where a teacher doesn’t need to be physically available and still a detailed explanation about various subjects and topics can be found in the form of video lectures, saved videos and interactive sessions. Internet is such a mode of technology that gets updated every day, every hour, every minute and this helps the world to be connected together and transfer knowledge without relying on a few.
Disadvantages of the use of the Internet to Enhance Students' Learning
Though the Internet helps in finding out the words easily it makes the students a bit lazy to even find the same by using Dictionary. Internet though makes learning interesting but there’re certain precautions that need to be taken before handing over the charges to students as some of the content won’t be acceptable as viewable. As much of the material is available on the Internet students don’t feel like reading the basic details by reading textbooks which makes them jump to the marks without reading the exact content. Though the internet helps in explanations without the proper guidance of a teacher it’ll be really difficult for a student to figure out what is true and what isn’t. Yes, the internet helps to update the latest knowledge but it isn’t true always so the person reviewing the same should take proper care.
Concept: View and Counterview
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2016-2017 (March) Set B


Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the Counter-View Section on the following topic in about 120 words :
"Facebook is a user-friendly device."
You may take help of the following points included in the View Section:

View Section
Facebook is an excellent networking site
• Everybody can network successfully through fac ebook
• Facebokk allows information with people far and wide
• Facebook allows users to create a profile page which
interrelates with friends and relatives

Write short paragraph in about 120 words to be used for the Counter - View section on the following topic:
“Science and Technology development have helped us in all walks of life”.
You may take help of the following points from the View section.

View Section
Science and technology development useful for mankind.
• has made life comfortable and happy.
• life being lengthened.
• increased agricultural production.
• world is brought closer through various safer and
faster communication and transport systems.
• modes of entertainment.

Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the counter - view section on the following topic in about 120 words.
‘Should SMS language be allowed in exams?’
You can take help of the following points included in the view section :
View Section
    Yes. It's the revolution against the written word.
  •  It's a growing linguistic revolution.
  • It sharpens students' ability to think about construction and precision of words.
  • Students will use numerals, punctuation marks and symbols to convey message.
  • It's an art form.

View - Counter-view :
Prepare a paragraph to be used for the Counter-view Section on the following topic (about 120 words).
'Study says homework does not help students score better grades.' 

  View Section
*Homework : Still a Key part of Education•
(i) Jr helps smdents to get betrer standardised test scores.
(ii) It engages the child with his study more effectively.
(iii) Integrates the child with what is going on in the classroom.
(iv) Homework inculcates students with life skills.

Views/Counterviews :
Present the Counterviews on ‘‘Sports should be optional in schools.’’ You can use the following points from the view section.

• More failures at S.S.C. occur in subjects like Maths and English.
• Difficult syllabus.
• Very little time for activities other than study.
• This causes stress and tension.
• Students tend to give up schooling altogether.
• Students have little sports background in schools.

Counter-view -
Read the following View Section and Develop a Counter-View Section in about 120 words :

View Section
  • Law should enforce children to look after their old parents.
  • Law must step in where values deteriorate.
  • Grey population has doubled in the las 25 years.
  • Protection for the eld View Section erly persons is a serious concern for the welfare state
  • The experience of the old people can be fruitful to the younger generation.

Write your counterview on ‘Children should work to earn during vacations’.
Use the following points :
• Fruitful use of time
• Development of skills
• Financial support to own education and parents.
• Knowledge of transaction
• Awareness of responsibility.

Prepare a paragraph to be used for the counter view-section on the following topic:

"There should be a dress-code for Junior College students."
You can take the help of the following points in the view-section.

View Section
Dress-code is essential today.
  • Essential for discipline.
  • Maintains equality - no superior, no inferior.
  • Easy to recognize students.
  • Students involved in anti-social activities can be recognized.
  • Prevention from bad habits.

a paragraph on the counter-view of ‘Benefits of Using Helmets’.
(1) Expensive
(2) Inconvenient to carry
(3) Feeling of suffocation
(4) Risky on busy roads.

Read the following counter-view section and develop a view section in about 120 words. Suggest a suitable title :

Counter-View Section

"There is no need to celebrate World Earth Day"
• Earth can take care of its ecosphere
• People are aware of environmental problems
• People are making efforts
• Industrialists are taking care all over the world.

View and Counterviews
Write a paragraph using the points given in the box expressing the views on: 
‘Overuse of Electronic Gadgets - ‘Electronic Gadgets are Hazardous to Health’. 

  • Overuse of electronic gadgets
  • Adversely affects independent thinking
  • Leads to physical problems.
  • Adds to dangerous non-degradable e-waste.
  • Affects the faculties of creativity and imagination.

Write a counterview on the following topic.

“Every day is a mother’s/ father’s day.”

  1. If you love them, you don’t need to wait for such days.
  2. Celebrating days is just a formality.
  3. Celebrations of the days condition your expression of emotions.
  4. It is a kind of pretext to neglect your everyday responsibilities.

Divide the class into two groups. One group should offer points in favour of (views) and the other against (counterviews) the topic ‘Life of an animal is better than that of a human being.’

Later use the points to express your own views/ counterviews in paragraph format in your notebook.

Hold a healthy discussion on the given topic. Encourage and habituate the students to accept others' Opinions, with respect.

Write a short paragraph in about 120 words, to be used as Counter-View for the following topic. 'Buy a bigger cloth for your coat'.

View Section:

  1. We cannot survive by the dictum 'Cut your cloth according to your coat' in today's world.
  2. In the modern world, we should 'Think Big'.
  3. Think of increasing your income instead of reducing your needs.
  4. We can not deny ourselves, what the new world offers us.

Write your counterview on the topic “Internet will soon replace books”.


  1. easily accessible
  2. time-saving
  3. economical
  4. authentic
  5. storehouse of information


Write your counterview on the topic

‘Science and technological development have made our life very comfortable.


  • Has made life comfortable and happy.
  • Life being lengthened
  • Increased agricultural production
  • World is brought closer through communication and transport systems
  • modes of entertainment

Give the view and counterview on the topic-

"Kids should not be burdened with homework".

Read the following excerpt from an online post on a website on educational practices.

Kids who appreciate how much effort, time and care goes into growing food will understand how important farmers are, and why it's important to take care of our Earth. In the world of today, gardening needs to be given more importance than sports, music and dance in all schools because it creates environmental stewards and outdoor learning laboratories that help the child and community for years to come.

Write a paragraph in 100-120 words to analyse the given argument.

You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument.


Dog; Man's Best Friend.

Prepare a paragraph of counterviews on the given topic. Use the following viewpoints to express your counterviews:


  • Friendly and playful
  • Safeguard our homes.
  • Stress busters.
  • Honest and faithful to their masters.
  • Create liveliness in the family.
  • Add your own points.


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