Prepare a Paragraph with an Appropriate Title to Be Used for the Counter-view Section on the Following Topic in About 120 Words : - English

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Short Note

Prepare a paragraph with an appropriate title to be used for the Counter-View Section on the following topic in about 120 words :
"Facebook is a user-friendly device."
You may take help of the following points included in the View Section:

View Section
Facebook is an excellent networking site
• Everybody can network successfully through fac ebook
• Facebokk allows information with people far and wide
• Facebook allows users to create a profile page which
interrelates with friends and relatives
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“Facebook is not a user-friendly device”
Facebook, a social networking site enables one to share a lot of personal information about oneself, which in some cases can lead to crime and kidnapping cases also. It is one of the fastest and cheapest network that leaks out the personal information in general to public. It shows the location and status including the user's photographs. What is the use of making friends in far off countries ? Who cannot reach you in case of emergencies when one is unaware of the presence, love and affection of parents, friends and relatives living nearby. Just looking at the profile pictures, fake ids how can one get carried away ? Youngsters leave home, city in blind search of the other person. According to me, overuse of social networking sites such as Facebook can lead to antisocial behaviour. Teens might also become the victims of cyber bullying on Facebook or engage in narcissistic behaviour themselves. Since Facebook makes it easy to find and connect with people from your past, it can also place a strain on relationships. Facebook can be a serious threat to the productiveness of both students and working people, because they become too addictive to such social sites. So facebook hinders physical and mental growth of an individual, it is not at all a user friendly device.

Concept: View and Counterview
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