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Prepare a Multiple Bar Graph and Write the Answers. Average Life of India and Brazil (Year) What Was the Average Life Expectancy in India in 2010? in Which Decade is the Increase in Life - Geography


Prepare a multiple bar graph and write the answers.

                                 Average Life of India and Brazil (Year)

Average Life
Country/Year 1990 2000 2010 2016
  India 58 63 67 68
  Brazil 65 70 73 75

i) What was the average life expectancy in India in 2010?
ii) In which decade is the increase in life expectancy of both the countries same?
iii) What conclusions can you draw after reading the graph of life expectancy in
both countries?

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Prepare a multiple bar graph and write the answers.
i) Answer - 67 years
ii) Answer - 1990-2000
iii) Points - Brazil’s life expectancy has been more than India in all the decades.
- It is increasing in both the countries due to improved medical facilities and standard of living.
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