Prepare a Paragraph to Be Used for the Counter View-section on the Following Topic: "There Should Be a Dress-code for Junior College Students." - English

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Short Note

Prepare a paragraph to be used for the counter view-section on the following topic:

"There should be a dress-code for Junior College students."
You can take the help of the following points in the view-section.

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Dress-code is essential today.
  • Essential for discipline.
  • Maintains equality - no superior, no inferior.
  • Easy to recognize students.
  • Students involved in anti-social activities can be recognized.
  • Prevention from bad habits.
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Dress code for college students absolutely unnecessary.

Discipline can be enforced by various other means rather than a dress code. I support that the dress code shouldn't be there. Because Now think from the perspective of a student. We wear a dress in college life. After that, we have to also further wear a dress in companies or organizations. Then when will the time come when we wear our own dresses other than college dress. I think that's a good time to wear them. Also, the person is known for its intelligence not from dress code so no matter what I wearing but it matters that I have manners I have respect for others.

Concept: View and Counterview
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