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Prepare a Fact file of any of the following plants/trees, using the points given. - English

Answer in Brief

Prepare a Fact file of any of the following plants/trees, using the points given.

[coconut / neem / basil / cactus / apple]

  • Name of Plant/Tree _________
  • Scientific name ___________
  • Region and climate ___________
  • Features ___________
  • Growth _____________
  • Size, shape and colour ____________
  • Uses __________
  • Any special feature ________
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Profile of the Coconut Tree and Fruit

  1. Names: 
    English name Coconut;
    Sanskrit name - Narikela;
    Hindi name - Nariyal.
  2. Scientific name: 
    cocos nucifera; belongs to the family 'Palmae' or the palm family (also known as Arecaceae).
  3. Region and Climate:
    Tropical and sub tropical coastal regions, especially near sea beaches.
  4. Features:
    i. Fruit: has a thick fibrous coir over the hard shell: inside the kernel colourless liquid;
    ii. leaves: feather-shaped and split into lots of leaflets.
  5. Growth: 
    Coconut trees can grow from 15 to 30 metres in height in plantations
  6. Size and shape:
    Coconut fruits are oval in shape. The trunk of the coconut tree is ringed with scars where old leaves have fallen. The top of the trunk is crowned with a rosette of leaves. The leaves can grow up to 7 feet long and can have 250 leaflets.
  7. Uses:
    i. Coir weaving and leaves: matting, thatching and
    ii. Hard outer shell: about 10 to 15 inches in length: used to make articles such as spoons, eating utensils, charcoal, etc.
    iii. Inside of the shell: lined with a white edible layer called the meat: used for cooking or extraction of oil, making of soaps or cosmetics: also to make chemical Industrial and medicinal products: contains coconut water which is very nutritious.
    iv. Husk and leaves: used as material to make a variety of products for furnishing and decorating
  8. Any special feature: 
    Known in India as kalpavriksha' or the tree of heaven' because of its many uses: the term coconut is derived from the 16th century Portuguese and Spanish. meaning grinning face from the three small holes on the coconut shell that resemble human facial features.
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Balbharati English Kumarbharati 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1.6 The Alchemy of Nature
English workshop | Q 9. (B) | Page 42
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