"Premchand'S Characters in Different Novels Create a Community Based on Democratic Values." Support the Statement with Two Suitable Examples. - Social Science

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"Premchand's characters in different novels create a community based on democratic values." Support the statement with two suitable examples.



It is observed that Premchand’s novels are filled with all kinds of powerful characters drawn from all levels of society. In his novels, the characters are drawn from daily life experiences. One might notice characters like aristocrats and landlords, middle-level peasants and landless laborers, middle-class professionals and people from the margins of society. The women characters are strong individuals, especially those who come from the lower classes and are not modernized. The central character of his novel Rangbhoomi (The Arena), Surdas, is a visually impaired beggar from a so-called 'untouchable' caste. One can see Surdas struggling to get back the land that had forcibly taken away from him.

Concept: Novels, Society and History - Relationship Between the Novel and Changes in Modern Society
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2018-2019 (March) 32/4/2

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