Pramesh is Heavier than Jairam but Lighter than Gulab. Anand is Heavier than Gulab. Mohan is Lighter than Jairam. Who Among Them is the Heaviest? - Logical Reasoning

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Read the information given below and answer the question that follows.
Pramesh is heavier than Jairam but lighter than Gulab. Anand is heavier than Gulab. Mohan is lighter than Jairam. Who among them is the heaviest?


  • Jairam

  • Anand

  • Gulab

  • Pramesh

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When arranged in order, the given arrangement from heaviest to lighter becomes Anand, Gulab, Pramesh, Jairam, and Mohan. So, Anand is heaviest.

Concept: Sitting Arrangement
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