Solution - The Position-time (X-t) Graphs for Two Children a and B Returning from Their School O to Their Homes P and Q Respectively Are Shown in Figure. Choose the Correct Entries in the Brackets Below - Position, Path Length and Displacement



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The position-time (x-t) graphs for two children A and B returning from their school O to their homes P and Q respectively are shown in Figure Choose the correct entries in the brackets below;

(a) (A/B) lives closer to the school than (B/A)

(b) (A/B) starts from the school earlier than (B/A)

(c) (A/B) walks faster than (B/A)

(d) A and B reach home at the (same/different) time

(e) (A/B) overtakes (B/A) on the road (once/twice).


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