Solution - Position of Elements and Trends in the Modern Periodic Table



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ConceptPosition of Elements and Trends in the Modern Periodic Table  


Write the number of periods the Modern Periodic Table has. State the changes in valency and metallic character of elements as we move from left to right in a period. Also state the changes, if any, in the valency and atomic size of elements as we move down a group.


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Write the number of vertical columns in the modern periodic table. What are these columns called?

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Name any two elements of group one and write their electronic configurations. What similarity do you observe in their electronic configurations? Write the formula of oxide of any of the aforesaid elements.

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How do the valency and the atomic size of the elements vary while going from left to right along a period in the modern periodic table?

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An element 'X' belong to 3rd period and group 13 of the Modern Periodic Table.

(a) Determine the valence electrons and the valency of 'X'.

(b) Molecular formula of the compound formed when 'X' reacts with an element 'Y' (atomic number = 8).

(c) Write the name and formula of the compound formed when 'X' combines with chlorine

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The position of eight elements in the Modern Periodic Table is given below where atomic numbers of elements are given in the parenthesis.

Period No.


(i) Write the electronic configuration of Ca.

(ii) Predict the number of valence electrons in Rb.

(iii) What is the number of shells in Sr?

(iv) Predict whether K is a metal or a non – metal.

(v) Which one of these elements has the largest atom in size?

(vi) Arrange Be, Ca, Mg and Rb in the increasing order of the size of their respective atoms.

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