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Ponnimanthuri Village, India • Vijayasama and the Narrator Both Refer Many Times to "They'. Who Do You Think 'They' Are? • Why Do You Think the Women of the Village Have to Walk 10 Km Everyday? - English Core

Short Note

Ponnimanthuri Village, India
• Vijayasama and the narrator both refer many times to "they'. Who do you think 'they' are?
• Why do you think the women of the village have to  walk 10 km everyday?
• Why does Vijayasama say· " We don't buy leather shoes or leather handbags or leather clothes" ?

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• They are the factory owners.
• The women of the village have to walk 10 km everyday to find wood for fuel and/or get clean drinking  water.
• Vijayasama says it because the villagers do not at all benefit from having the tanneries nearby. They
(the villagers) are poor and cannot afford to buy leather shoes. leather handbags 0< leather clothes.
Perhaps. they don't need them at all seeing the poor and miserable hie they lead.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative (Main Course Book Interact in English)
Chapter 4.4 A Tale Of There Villages
Q 2.2 | Page 152
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