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“Politics is the Art of the Possible”. Similarly, “Science is the Art of the Soluble”. Explain this Beautiful Aphorism on the Nature and Practice of Science. - Physics

“Politics is the art of the possible”. Similarly, “Science is the art of the soluble”. Explain this beautiful aphorism on the nature and practice of science.

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Solution 1

Science is a systematised study of observations. A scientist patiently analyses these observations and comes out with certain laws. As an illustration, Tycho Brahe worked for twenty long years to make observations on planetary motions. It is from this huge reservoir of observations that Kepler formulated his three famous laws of planetary motion. Thus, science is the art of the soluble just as politics is the art of the possible.

Solution 2

It is well known that to win over votes, politicians would make anything and everything possible even when they are least sure of the same. and in Science the various natural phenomena can be explained in terms of some basic laws. So as 'Politics is the art of possible' similarly 'Science is the art of the soluble'.

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 1 Physical World
Q 3 | Page 13
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