Plot a Graph Showing Variation of De Broglie Wavelength Versus Accelerating Potential - Physics

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Plot a graph showing variation of de Broglie wavelength λ versus `1/sqrtV` , where V is accelerating potential for two particles A and B, carrying the same charge but different masses m1, m2 (m1 > m2). Which one of the two represents a particle of smaller mass and why?

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Given: Charge (q) is the same but masses of both the particles are different (mm2).

The de Brogile wavelength given by

`lambda = h/sqrt(2mqV)`

The slope of the graph λ versus `1/sqrtV `is `h/sqrt(2mq)`

The slope of the smaller mass is larger; therefore, plot A in the above graph is for mass m2

Concept: de-Broglie Relation
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2015-2016 (March) Delhi Set 1

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