Plot the Following Point on the Graph Paper: (0, 7) - Mathematics

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Answer in Brief

Plot the following point on the graph paper:

 (0, 7)

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The following point is given below. 

 (0, 7)

Let X ' OX and  Y' OY be the coordinate axes.

Here for the given point the abscissa is 0 units and ordinate is 7 units. The point is on the y-axis. So it will look like as shown in the following figure.

Concept: Plotting a Point in the Plane If Its Coordinates Are Given.
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Chapter 8: Co-ordinate Geometry - Exercise 8.1 [Page 6]


RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 8 Co-ordinate Geometry
Exercise 8.1 | Q 1.08 | Page 6

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