Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Planning and Organizing - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Organising and Coordinating.

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1. Meaning
Planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who is to do it.
Organizing is the process of defining and grouping the activities of the organization.
Staffing is the process of recruitment, selection, development, training, promotion etc.
Directing is a process to instruct, guide, communicate, inspire and motivate employees to achieve organizational objective
Co-ordinating is a process to establish communicate, inspire and motivate employees to achieve organizational objectives.
Controlling measures the deviation of actual performance from the standard performance and takes corrective actions.
2. Objective
The main object is to set goals and choosing the means to achieve these goals.
The main objective is to identify and bring together all the resource.
The main objective is to appoint right type of people at the right positions and at the right time.
The main objective of giving direction to the subordinates is to get the things done in the right manner.
The main objective is ensure unity of efforts of the employees and smooth functioning of the organization.
The main objective is to ensure that the targets must be achieved as per the plans.
3. Area of Function
It includes Setting objectives Identifying alternate course of action Select the best plan
It includes Identification of the activities Grouping of related activities.
It includes Recruitment Training Promotion Transfers, etc.
It includes Guiding Instruction Inspiring Motivating Communicating
It includes Top Level Management Middle Level Management Lower Level Management
It includes Fixation of standards Measurement of actual performance.
4. Factors
Internal as well as external factors are considered while setting targets
internal and external factors are considered for making arrangement of resources
Staffing is mostly concerned with Internal factors.
Directing is also concerned directly with Internal (human) factors.
It is concerned with Internal factor
It takes care of Internal as well as external factor for taking corrective action
5. Order
It is the starting point of management Other functions depends of Planning
It following planning, resources are organized as per the Planning
Human Resources are needed for the organization so it follows Organizing.
Direction is always needed. It follows organizing and staffing.
It is an important element of organizing It follows Planning.
It follows all other functions. It is an end function of management process.
6. Resources
Planning is done as per the resources required for achieving the targets.
All the resources needed are arranged i.e. men, machine, methods, material and money.
It is related with Human Resources.
It gives direction to the employees and regarding use of other resources.
It is related with Human Resources. It is an integrated effort.
It is related with all the resources as it helps to achieve targets
7. Targets
The targets set are analysed and then selected.
Al the resources are arranged to achieve targets.
It includes proper allocation of human resources to achieve better results.
Proper direction to the employees is needed to achieve the targets.
Internal Co-ordination among employees is must to achieve the desired results.
Actual Performance is compared with standard performance are taken to achieve targets.
8. Nature
It is continuous in nature. Planning will never come to an end till the organization exists.
It takes place till the time all the resources are collected
It is a continuous process as it deals with human beings.
It is a continuous process as directing is needed till the targets are achieved.
It is a process where only people are concerned so continuity is needed.
It is a process which starts once the actual target is achieved.
9. Levels of Management
To level management is with related planning of activities.
Top level management and middle level managers are related with organizing of resources.
Middle level management are related with recruitment, training, promotion, etc.
Middle level manager provides direction to the employees for achieving targets.
All the level i.e. top to middle to the lower co-ordination is required to achieve targets.
Top level management and middle level managers are responsible for proper controlling of activities.
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