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Planning has vital importance in the management process.



This statement is True


  1. Planning is the most basic or primary function of management. It precedes other functions because a manager plans before he acts.


  1. Planning involves determining the objectives and selecting a course of action to achieve them.


  1. Planning enables an organisation to cope with uncertainty and change the identity threats and opportunities. It provides sense of direction as all human efforts are directed to achieve goals.


  1. Planning encourages innovation and creativity which are must for the growth and development of business.


  1. It helps in interrelating all the activities and resources of an organisation as activities and efforts of various departments and divisions can be co – ordinated and harmonized with the help of overall plan. 
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Planning is ___________ function. 

Define 'Planning'.

Describe any four characteristics of 'co-ordination'.

State any three points of importance of planning function of management.

Isha Machines was a renowned name for quality sewing machines since 1960. Mr Suresh, the owner of Isha Machines, was worried as the production had declined during the last three months. He directed the Production Manager to find out the reason. The Production Manager ordered the different supervisors to prepare a performance report of the workers working under them.

Identify the step taken by the Production Manager that is related to one of the functions of management.

Smita had been working as an assistant manager with 'Johnson Enterprises' for the last ten years. She was very popular amongst her colleagues because of her commitment and dedication towards the work. When the manager senior to her retired, all her colleagues thought that now Smita would be promoted. But to everyone's surprise, the vacant post was filled by an outsider, Mrs Rita. Smita felt demoralised and her performance started declining. She would abstain herself often and could not meet her targets

Mrs Rita was a good leader, who would not only instruct her subordinates but would also guide and inspire them. She noticed Smita's behaviour and felt that her performance could be improved. She started involving Smita in decision making-issues related to the organisation and made her a part of a high-level joint-management committee. Smita was now punctual in office and her performance started improving.

1) Identify the function of management being performed by Rita.

2) Name the elements of the above function of management which helped Rita to improve Smita's behaviour

3) State any three features of the element identified in (ii) above

What is meant by Management of Work?

Write short note on the following 

Importance of Directing.

A process where in the manager instructs, guides and communicates with employees.

Planning and Staffing. Distinguish between HSC OCM.

Features of organizing?

Characteristics of planning. 

 Formulating a plan is the main function of ........................ management.

Importance of Staffing.

Co-ordination is similar to staffing.

List any two indicators of growth of an organisation . 

Management is a series of continuous interrelated functions.  Comment.

Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the complete sentence :
Directing is a responsibility of ________ at all levels.

Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the complete sentence :
Deciding in advance as what is to done, when it is to be done and who is to do it is ________ function of management.

Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute the following :
A function of management that brings physical, financial and human resources together for better productivity.

Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute the following :
A function directly related to human beings.

Write Short Note on the following:
Nature of Planning.

State with reasons whether the following statement is TRUE or FALSE :

Planning is of vital importance in the management process.

Planning is beneficial to all. In light of this statement, discuss the importance of planning.

Write a short note on : Directing

State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

The direction is connecting and activating links between various functions of management.


State Whether the Following Statement Are True Or False (Give Reason)

Staffing is the responsibility of managers at all levels of management.

State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

Adopting corrective measures is the last step of controlling.


A good manager synchronises all the activities of different departments through the process ______.

Under which function of management, policies and strategies are formulated?

Which one of the following sequence of process of management is correct?

‘Arrangement of various resources for achieving Target, under which function of management is this performed ______.

Under what function of management does the ‘corrective action’ fall?

Which of the following is true?

The Statement “Planning is a primary function”, suggests that ______.

Tarang Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 30% in the next quarter. Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.

______ the process of defining the formal relationship among people and resources to accomplish the desired goals.

Which is not a function of management of the following?

Arrange the phases of Project Management Life Cycle in correct order.

  1. Design
  2. Marketing
  3. Analysis and evaluation 
  4. Inspection, testing and delivery

'It is that function of management which is considered as the base of all other functions.' Identify the function of management stated in the above lines.

Which of the following activities are associated with 'Mental Revolution' on the part of management and workers?

______ is the process of converting encoded symbols of the sender.

"Management is a force that cannot be seen but its presence can be felt in the way the organisation functions."

Which feature has been explained in this statement of Management?

Under which of the following function of management, employees are guided and inspired:

Which of the following functions of management helps in building customer's loyalty and in promoting its sale?

Radha started a home cooked food delivery Dabba service. Her mother, who is a great cook, decided to help her. They relied on friends and family for orders and then on word of mouth. As a step in the process of ensuring that activities are performed as per her plan of supplying healthy, good quality, reasonable food and earning profit, she decided to keep both qualitative and quantitative benchmarks towards which she would strive to work. A function of management is being discussed above. An important characteristic of this function of management is:

'The final step in the controlling process is taking corrective action, but when deviations are within acceptable limits no corrective action is required.'

When and why corrective action is required? State.

IND Dyechem Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing company producing dyes and pigments both for domestic and international market. It has enjoyed a considerable market share but lately, it has been facing problems in terms of target sales and customer satisfaction. This is due to the reason that new entrants have emerged with better technology and competitive pricing. The Chairman of the company addressed this issue in the departmental meeting. The production head, Mr. Kamble, advised the Chairman to revamp the system and take immediate necessary actions to rectify the problem so that sales are achieved as per the plans.

Identify the relevant function of management being discussed here.

Directing is the heart of the management process. Give any four reasons to support this statement.


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