On the Basis of Fig , Answer the Following Questions: (A) in Which Direction Do the Aravalis Lie ? - Geography


On the basis of Fig , answer the following questions:

(a) In which direction do the Aravalis lie ?
(b)  Aravali ranges act as a water divide
between which rivers?
(c)  Name the hills located on the plateaus to
the eat of Aravalis.
(d) Across which states has the Deccan Plateau

(e) Which hill ranges lie to to the west of the
Deccan Plateau?
(f)  Enumerate the characteristics of the
Western Ghats.
(g)  Compare the Eastern and the Western
(h)  Why are the Western Ghats called a water


(i) The Aravallis lie in the northwestern direction.

(ii) The Aravallis act as a water divide between the Narmada and Ganga rivers.

(iii) The hills located on the plateau to the east of Aravalis are Rajasthan Alwar range.

(iv) The Deccan plateau is spread across the states of Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

(v) The Vindhya hills lie to the west of the Deccan Plateau.

(Vi) The characteristics of the Western Ghats are-

a. They rise steeply from the west coast, and originate from the Tapti river, till Kanyakumari.

b. They are higher than the Eastern Ghats, and have an average height of 900 to 1100 m, the highest peak being Anai Mudi.

c. The hills are continuous with an average width of 50 to 80 metres.

d. Many important rivers of the Deccan plateau originate from these ghats.

e. They lie perpendicular to the southwest monsoon winds, causing heavy rainfall on their windward side.



The mark the eastern edge of deccan plateau. The mark the western edge of deccan plateau.
They are broad. They are verry narrow.
They recieve less rainfall. They recieve more rainfall.
They are discontinuous and irregular. They are continuous and regular, hence they posses higher elevation
The Highest peak is Mahindra Giri. The highest peak are Anai Mudi and Dodda Beta.

(viii) The western ghats are the highest boundary line of many Peninsula and Konkan rivers. It divides basins of the east-flowing Peninsular river from those of Konkan and Malabar river which are west flowing rivers. Hence, western ghats are major water divides of peninsular India.

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Balbharati Social Science Geography 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Physiography and Drainage
Intext Questions | Q 1 | Page 16
On the Basis of Fig , Answer the Following Questions: (A) in Which Direction Do the Aravalis Lie ? Concept: Physiography - Physiography of India.

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